If your friend could choose three people to take to Mars, would they choose you? Find out if you pass the test here.

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Korum Ellis lives in Perth, Western Australia.

The capital city furtherest from any other capital city on planet Earth.

In the year 2024, he may well be living in a slightly more isolated location.

The planet Mars.

He has been short listed  from an initial 200 000 applicants for the Mars One project down to 706.

We met at Greens and Co, Leederville for a coffee and a conversation about the awesome possibilities of space travel.

Korum and Sam
Korum and Sam

Would you go into space and live on another planet if you had the chance?

Would you have what it takes to survive?

You can’t necessarily jump on the next rocketship back if you don’t like the weather.

And you most certainly won’t have the chance to just nip out to the shops to get something.

You might forget to put your suit on and WHOOSH!

Well, you’ve all seen what happened to Arnie in Total Recall. The original I mean, not the new one, which is actually much better I reckon. Moving right alone.

What if sh*t got real?

What if you landed on Mars and found a perfectly rectangular black giant monolith?

You and three buddies would have to sort that out.

Who of your friends would you take?

I’d take my mate John, because he has an extensive rock n roll music collection. And we are going to need some music for such a long road.. er… space trip.

I’d also take this DJ I know. DJ Boogie. Probably Perth’s best Boogie Funk DJ who also has an extensive disco selection.

Korum told me it costs about $44000 to transport a pound of anything to Mars, so they have to be careful what they take.

Naturally, a set of Technics 1200’s, a mixer and a couple of crates of vinyl would be entirely worth the cost. Or Traktor Pro DJ console, I’m easy either way.

The rocketship better have a good sound system. I’m talkin’ Function One, people.

My third friend, whom I refer to as Germany, would have to come too. Mostly because she is German and has an extensive knowledge of baking.

Cakes, slices and stews.

Know what I’m talking about?


We are going to need stews on Mars. The slow cooked German variety.

Good food to sustain us and bring us together on those cold winter Mars nights.

Hey, I’m just saying it’s important to think seriously about this.

You can bring all your Mister Fancy Pants technological gadgets and stuff, but at the end of the day, humans need the good company of each other.

I’d take my electric ukulele, an RC-505 Loop Station and a microphone. Without a shadow of doubt, people are going to need highly entertaining performers on Mars.

What if humans turned up on Mars only to find an advanced civilization of slightly invisible party animals and they requested a few a numbers?

Imagine the disappointment.

We need serious people on this trip, people who have what it takes.

In my opinion, Korum has what it takes. He’s level headed and in good shape. He’s also a very genuine guy.

I am really hoping he gets selected into the final 40 who will train for nine years until 4 are picked for the first trip.

Good luck, Korum.

I like to think of him as Bruce Willis as Korbin Dallas in Fifth Element.

He’s a hero in the making.

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