My notes from Sam Cawthorn’s free seminar “How to be rich, famous and make a difference.”

Why are you here?


Sam’s opening: very interactive with audience, exciting and easy language.


Kairos: a moment with a moment, a particular moment where drastic change can take place.


Book recommendation: Bob Buford, Half Time


What are you doing today to change what you do in 5 years time?


Have a solid online presence.


Start with the end in mind.


The different types of speakers (triangle diagram).


  • Celebrity / Authority
  • Authority (the buck stops with you)
  • The Line (Get above the line, position yourself above here to start)
  • Thought Leader
  • Expert (good at one particular thing)
  • The Noise (most people)


Become an expert at one thing


Watch all TED videos on your topic


Read the top 10 books (Amazon) on your topic


Become an authority in your niche


Find what is missing in your niche.


How can you be differentiated?


Create a niche so people seek you out.


Create products about niche

  • book
  • 12 day challenge
  • usb stick filled with info
  • audio
  • dvd


What is your differentiating value point?


Where is your authority?


Be an authority of value


Assault the status quo.


How can you leave a lasting impression with influential people? So that they remember you.


How do people remember you?


How can you be different?


What is your message?


Speak at BNI, Rotary, niche groups, schools


Join Thought Leaders


Speaking Markets

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Public


Education speaking: 80% entertainment 20% content

Corporate speaking: 20% entertainment 80% content


To get the attention of the person who signs the cheques, know the catch phrase of the person signing the cheque.


15 ways to become a world celebrity authority:

  1. Find your niche position and create content
  2. Get experienced and deliver free content
  3. Find ways to add value (be obsessed with giving value)
  4. Create opportunities – growth strategies
  5. Under promise and over deliver (give more value)
  6. Market your content (give more value)
  7. Develop relationships consistantly
  8. Share your knowledge
  9. Build an online presence
  10. Get booked and rebooked (follow on proposition) and create raving fans
  11. Clarify your niche positioning
  12. Be in demand
  13. Commit to excellece
  14. Business mastery (practice and systems)
  15. Create a raving tribe – build a movement


Be on mission (in your niche) with your content


Charisma doesnt always meet character


Be excellent, highly authentic and ethical


Recommended: Simon Sinek


Why do we do what we do and why should people care?


Why your message?

Why now?

Why listen to me?

Why is your message relevant?


Be a master storyteller


Stories get people across the line


6 ways to communicate a story that will ensure you lose your audience

  1. Drop your hands
  2. Don’t breathe
  3. Speak too fast
  4. Demonstrate chin security
  5. Point
  6. Don’t pause


5 story telling stages

  1. understand and indentify outcome
  2. take audience through a meaningful process of interest
  3. connect to the listener, take them on a memorable journey
  4. captivate and demonstrate a sense of anticipation
  5. master the science of the art of emotional effectiveness


Use closed loops. It creates anticipation.




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