Have you been searching for yourself lately? This may be the thing you’re missing. The podcast reveals another secret too.

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What can a bisexual 50 year old bloke from Sydney teach a 34 year old straight bloke from Perth?

I’ll tell you what.

Authenticity of expression.

Michael Wynter is 50.

I am 34.

He is bisexual.

I am multi-dimensional.

But we are all transcending.

Michael and Sam
Michael and Sam

That is no big deal and it is not a dig at Michael either.

He’s a good looking bloke. The fairly successful type. Well spoken and down to earth.

Michael was responsible for growing a significant aspect of the Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney. He’s cool like that.

He now focuses his energy on corporate change. Needed change.

When you meet someone who resonates on your energy level, you just know.

How often do you meet strangers who just click with you? Laugh and share a common thread? And teach you something you’ve been looking for.

Recently,  and I mean the last weeks, I’ve been searching for something.

I’ve been using all sorts of visualisation techniques to discover answers of the utmost importance to me.

What message was I meant to give to the world. Why was this message important right now? And why should anyone care about it? Shout out to Sam Cawthorn.

Have you been searching for yourself lately? This may be the thing you’re missing.

As I spoke over Skype with this bloke from Sydney, something quite amazing began to dawn in my pea size consciousness.

Meeting new people and being authentic with them could be the new therapy for the 21st century.

Yesterday I watched that video going viral on the interweb and facecrack.

The one with the spoken word artist talking about how we’ve become zombies, attached to our screens yet totally disconnected from each other.

I met Michael through a friend, Gwen, whom I met through a professional speaking group which I joined recently.

Thanks to Gwen, not only do I have a new connection, a new friend, a real friend who I actually spoke to, albeit over Skype, but was a sight better than just the fucking facebook chat window, I also have realised how simple it is to make genuine friends in this disconnected society.

Is it possible that you could use the internet in a way that may go against the popular non-nutritional white bread grain? Yes, white bread has nothing to it. Sorry white bread.

Try being social.

Like the old way.

Something tells me this may not be a new idea.

I simply started a blog, asked people to meet for coffee that I didn’t even know from a bar of soap and had a good old chat.

I guess the only thing that made this a little easier was that I had a friend introduce me to them, but surely you have one friend who will vouch for you and so on and so on?

You would have to be a real jerk for this not to work. Making new friends I mean.

Facebook. I think I found your flaw. And I am a fb junkie.

You’re good at what you do, but maybe it’s a side effect you have accidentally created? Lazy people? Shrug.


Linkedin can stay. It’s legit.

Professionals wanting to connect and do business and stuff. In business clothes and stuff.


Ok, fb can stay too. I take it back.

Michael sometimes wears business clothes.

He must be legit.

Talking to him was the first time I met with someone outside of my city for this blog / podcast project. It was heaps good.

Seriously people. Start your own blog and meet new people. You will save thousands and years compared to traditional therapy.

Sorry money. Sorry psychology industry. But you are just not an effective team anymore. We are.

Individual people I mean.

Individuals who stop and listen to each other.

Be genuine and authentic with each other, just once a day, once a week even.

I believe this can change the world.

I believe you and a stranger can change the world.

In person and over the optic fibre cable spaghetti we now call home.

What are you waiting for? A friend request?

Go make some real ones.

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