How to hack your life. You need a one word password though, which is right here.

This is a story of uncanny awesomeness that began in January 2014.

A tale of transformation of the self and refinement of my life purpose.

I point the blame at single little book of unassuming power.

I opened it and turned the pages. The hacking began.

hack tube

Write one word for the following question: What are you on this planet to do?

I wrote: teach.

Yet, my answer was refined the more I considered the simple question. It became ‘speak’, then ‘serve’.

The book continued with the… questions.

What are your five greatest gifts that support this mission?

I wrote:

  1. beatboxing
  2. rapping
  3. DJing
  4. speaking
  5. writing

How can each gift offer 2 things of value to the world?

  1. Entertainer
  2. Musician
  3. Visionary
  4. Artist
  5. Spiritual Teacher
  6. Professional Speaker
  7. Author
  8. Blogger
  9. Coach
  10. Counsellor

Write 5 ways you can fortify each profession and gift in the real world.

This is where the rabbit hole opened up and shit got real.

I wrote out five things for each profession and decided to act.

Within a short time I had located a professional speaking group that met weekly about 15 minutes drive from where I lived. I emailed the group leader, got a warm welcome and started giving short speaking assignments.

I was becoming a professional speaker.

Then an opportunity came my way.

A friend asked me if I would MC for a well known British journalist at the Convention Centre in my home town. I said yes. I’ve got first my first paid speaking gig. How good do I feel for answering  those questions?

How good do I feel for picking “Hacking Your Education” up from my local library, by total accident? Pretty good comes close.

Then I started a one year blog and podcast project based on 52 cups of coffee: Coffee With a Beatboxer.

I also started learning about how to write articles that grab attention and how to promote them.

April had just over 500 visitors. After the first week of May, that record was broken.

I had initially intended to meet one person a week and they would introduce me to the next person. I asked them to tell me what mattered to them. I listened to their story.

This week I’ve met with some people in person, one from Sydney and one from South Africa thanks to Skype.

My blog and podcast went international this week. All with a simple free wordpress blog.

I feel this book has significantly altered the space-time continuum. Or am I just really happy?

I also started a routine of getting up a 6am.

This encouraged me to look at my whole day and week. I began to tweak my week. I wanted it to be efficient, fulfilling and full like a really good jam donut. Not too full of jam and certainly not the bad quality stuff.

My week had to be sweet.

Tweaked and sweet.

I also wrote a rhyme which goes well to drum n bass. It’s called Hackademic Epidemic.

You can listen to me recite it here and even read along to the words…



Hackademic Epidemic

by Samwise

Hackademic athletic

Neuroplastic kinaesthetic

Became a teacher for you

because school was so pathetic

didn’t show me how to get it

my essence forget it

so my path I created

energetic injected

synthetic intended

engaged and reflected

this karmic extended

hyper space light ship ride

imagined and pretended

what the bigger picture was

what’s important because

I saw my life

I saw my time

maybe I’m selected

prophesied or genetic

human alien hybrid

quarantined on this rock bed

maybe half dead and crafted

for space flight instead

past the moon and the sun

to the stars I’ve begun

in this time b’twixt time

where you can’t hide or run

just wake up its fun

a quantum field of dreams

there’s enough for everyone

you’re eternal sun

chew your hubba bubba gum

you’ve been waitin for this

now let the bassline roll some

Here’s the hacks for the day

start with one word and play

select a verb use the herb

and build somethang cool today

what you think you ought to do

with you life in your shoes

think of your gifts talents skills

and simply fucking choose

what to learn for what you yearn

add value and use

all your mind

look and find

a few mentors too

its what I did

still takin hints

rappin bits with my spit

I stay on point and pass the joint

im accountable for this

evolving rhyme

educated blind

killin it with a flick

satisfy that itch

and go get yourself an intership

at a school so very cool

you simply wouldn’t believe it

shout out to my Reggio

cool cats with phat flow

21st century learning

community in the know

so start your day at 6am

with movin, mixin, playin

set your goals and mind set rolls

and apply what I’m sayin

to the founder of uncollege

this last verse I dedicate

Dale J Stephans

you’re a fuckin top bloke mate

his words like lasers

his hacks light sabers

this killer master jedi knight

is one of my favourit trail blazers

get his book

read the lot and look

at all the nooks

and you’ll be junkie hooked

a feelin will fill you high

chakra energies revived

makes me wanna share this

knowledge with the world tonight

yes my spirit my light

a beacon seeking freakin peakin

phenomenon of life

I hope you got the message

hope the picture is clear

no need to go to school

when your life you can steer

towards your dream

your vision stream

growin it efficiently

from joy we beam

our future seems

to appeal to me

so each new day

create a wave

and purposely decide and aim

for the highest pleasure

so unmeasured

its the hackademics way

Seriously people, this book is written so simply and all it takes is you to take a little action.

Your life will radically change.

Transform, like Megatron. Special sound effects a must.





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