Is your inner Rich Bitch holding you back? Try this 1 easy tip and start thriving.

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Dear Rich Bitches of the World,

(and this is not just for one part on the gender continuum)

You are hereby forgiven.

For eeevvvveerrrything you ever did that was… a result of you creating your own experience and meanings around your life events.

There, done.

How you feeling now?

Fresh as a fine feathered friendly daisy.


Maybe you’ve tried a few ways of letting go of your own baggage without out much success.

I am here to let you know, you don’t have to.

Keep your baggage, your hang ups, faults, mistakes and dirty little habits.

Instead, befriend them all.

Turn your vices into virtues (or super powers).

Bring them to the table like guests at a dinner party where you are the eternally compassionate host.

Ask them what they are trying to tell you. Keep your mind open and don’t be too quick to judge what comes up.

An image, a thought, a feeling, a memory.

Trust that stuff.

We may not be able to trust the global economy anymore, but we still have each other and ourselves.

Speaking to psychological states within ourselves as if they were real people, or imaginary people, can allow you to see your “too hard basket” stuff from another healthy perspective.

My mate, Coach Carly is a Law of Attraction Coach, she also works in the field of  Mental Health.

Sam and Coach Carly @ Greens & Co
Sam and Coach Carly @ Greens & Co, Leederville

Isn’t she just a peach.

She lives what she preaches.

And what she lives for is pavlova.

We need more people like that on the planet, don’t you think?

We need people like you to forgive yourself and stop holding out on us with your gift.

Inner Gift Releasing 101: start a blog about whatever you like most and start writing short stories each week about it. Your tribe is waiting.

Your inner voice is waiting, more than you know.

And you better get on with it quick sticks.

Because either the planet is not going to sustain us for long or you may eventually die in some uneventful event.

It’s the bear truth, the warm cuddly kind.

You know that ability of yours to magically attract drama into your life?

Smother that shit in love, as if the ozone layer was critically damaged and all you got is 15+ SPF sunscreen.

I know it may seem counter intuitive, but so is irrational behaviour and it has managed to stay popular.

Controversial solutions to everyday problems. That’s what you could consider.

Like the ultra controversial approach to weight loss of: eat less, exercise more. Shout out to Lub Dub for that one.

I heard recently that I should consider loving the haters.

I think it’s got something to it.

You could respond with, ‘haters be like’ lines or, to all my haters, it’s ok, there’s more of you on the way. My cousin, Richy Rich gets credit for that one.

Treat your inner bitch and inner drama queen just like your inner circle of friends who would never dream of backstabbing you, by producing a smile.

A genuine smile.

One that says, ‘no seriously, let’s hug this out, cause I’m over it.’

Are you so over whatever is holding you back that you are willing to try aaannnyyythingg? Have you tried everything? No, you haven’t. And don’t.

Don’t get over what is holding you back.

This is no attempt to reverse your psychology. Only to renew it.

Only to contribute to the spaghetti slop that is our complicated neurological theatrical extravaganza.

Take you complexes, your dramas and spaghetti soup with extra croutons with you through the 7 gates of death that await you at every step you take on the path to jedihood.

Sam, wtf is the 7 gates of death?

I could explain, maybe another time, but try this…

1. Get pen.

2. Get paper.

3. Write this:

At the first gate of death, I leave behind (and fill this gap with your number one hangup or blockage).

4. Do the same for the second to the seventh.

Writing your thoughts is amazingly therapeutic and easy.

So… have any of you actually written anything?

What keeps me up at night, crying myself to sleep is that some of you are reading this and won’t get more value out of it unless you write something of your own down.

Where’s my security blankie? Not the one I use when I need to feel safe. The one I use when I want to hide away from the world and blast drum n bass through my ears.

Yeah, I’m talking about my headphones.

Haven’t written anything yet?

Might be your inner bitch getting in the way?

Go say hi… I dunno, say… Omigod and Toats and Like and stuff and you should be right.

Make friends with the bitch.

I’m so glad I caught up with Carly today.

I feel so good.

I feel… forgiven.

How did your day go?

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Conscious psytrance DJs will be given backstage passes.
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