What yoga pose are you? The answer may cause enlightenment.

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Finding a good yoga teacher may be a challenge for some.

Finding a yoga teacher that really cares is a bit holy-graily.

I think I found one.

Donna Buchanan is co-founder of The Yoga Vine (140 William Street, Perth).

Donna and Sam @ Leaf & Bean, Mount Hawthorn
Donna and Sam @ Leaf & Bean, Mount Lawley

She loves watching people go through pain.

Sick little puppy?

Far from it.

We hope.

I think yoga teachers secretly love watching people suffer, but all ascended masters have their method, don’t they?

I met up with Donna at Leaf & Bean cafe in holy Mount Hawthorn yesterday and we invented new yoga poses, like banana bread pose for prime example.

Donna has that special quality about her appearance that says, ‘I can get away with wearing bright blue lycra mofos.’

Yoga trains your mind to notice what frustrates you about life.

So when something goes down, rather than lose your shit, are you able to pause for a moment and ask yourself, how do I want to respond to this?

Losing your shit and snapping is still one of the best ways to heal yourself. It’s also fairly inexpensive. That is if you don’t break stuff as you release.

Do you think releasing your anger can be really good for your belly’s well being? Have you even had the common decency to ask it?

Dear Tummy, what you needing lately?

Lindt Dark Mint Chocolate? Coming right up, my little digestive friend.

I heard crying does the trick as well, though more expensive than releasing anger because tissues have to be factored in as a cost. Unless you just use a rag to dry your eyes princess.

Do you respond to life in the way you want?

Are you an emotional statue or do you believe having slightly over the top reactions from dropping your dinner on the kitchen floor is entirely necessary sometimes?

What if it’s the piece of toast that’s fallen and landed the honey side up?

No one can blame you for that.

I would still respect a person for snapping over dropped honey on toast.

You go ahead and give yourself permission for little shit like that. And don’t let anyone ever tell it’s only little.

Oh, the tears.

What’s the most inventive thing you have used to dry away those eyeball rivers?

What else have you used your yoga mat for?

Donna is a yoga warrior princess. I heard she is going on a secret yoga mission to Morocco soon, to retrieve stolen plans for new cutting edge yoga poses.

Like the Chuck Norris pose and MacGyver pose.


If Donna was a yoga pose, she would be Sportie Spice pose.

Don’t ask me what that looks like, just imagine something like Padangustasana (big toe pose) but with a hint of blueberry.

What yoga pose would you be? What yoga pose does your head in?

I used to have difficulty just turning up for class, so I had a good hard look at myself. Then I realised the problem.

I didn’t know what yoga pose I was.

Now I do, and this is how you find yours.

It’s based on the yoga pose you are least thrilled about.

For me it’s the one where you stand and hold your big toe out to the side.

I call it the tent peg.

A tent peg holds the tent down. You rely on the simple things when camping, but the wind and can pull them up and topple them over. A good tent peg has to be trained well in yoga before camping.

You can go ahead and make your own up now.

Visit Donna and friends at http://www.theyogavine.com.au/

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