Quick Quiz: How good are your instincts?

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Maybe you know someone like this?

Someone who has that special quality about them?

A quality that you cannot really put a finger on, but you know it’s there.

You have this feeling about them because they have… a… a special way with people.

They have this knack when it comes to the stuff of life.

Could it be they are  in touch with their instincts?

Is this question just fluff?

Or are we scratching the surface of an ancient brain capacity of ours long put to the side?

How in touch are you with your instincts? How do you know when you are on the money or way off track? Or are you the type of person who should just stay away from gambling in general?

Is there a way of training your instincts to the point that you can rely on them and put them to practical use in everyday life?

A week ago I met with one of Fremantle’s most genuine fellas, Kitsiri DeSilva of Primal Dance.

Here he is not wearing a lot a clothes.

Kitsiri DeSilva of Primal Dance
Kitsiri DeSilva

This guy runs workshops for people in which the theme is: you can give yourself permission to express yourself.

And by ginkgo bilboba, we need more people like him on the planet.

I must thank Kitsiri for bringing to my attention the importance of instinct.

He says that is probably the way by which everyday people can really get into their bodies through movement. The workshops he runs facilitate a way into the innate wisdom the body holds. For our healing, expression and having a damn good time.

I had been thinking about how instinctual I was when it came to making decisions in my life.

When you make decisions each day, are you able to say with confidence that you use a healthy dose of instincts? Or do you just ignore what it says on the bottle and smash the whole lot at once?

Could you put in down into three simple steps?

Using your instincts, I mean.

Here’s my attempt:

Step 1. What decision do I gotta make?

Step 2. What and where am I feeling something funny in my body?

Step 3. What is it trying to tell me?

How do you listen to your instincts? I like listening to them over red wine in front of the fire, because at least one of us is in a good mood by then.

Can you do us all a favour and write your 3 easy steps in the comment section below. The world needs experts like you to share you simple solutions.

Kitsiri is the type of guy who can teach us a thing or two about instincts.

I am the type of guy who can teach you where the best pubs are.

Maybe that’s my knack?

An instinct even?

What’s yours?




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