Climbing the Conscious Corporate Ladder: 2 Points of Contact At Time

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It’s true.

The Corporate world is finally transcending.

And Justin Cooper is the proof in the after dinner pudding.

So put on your PPEE (personal protective enlightenment equipment) and take a deep breath, because things are a changing.

Justin and Sam
Justin and Sam

Justin climbed the corporate ladder, got a bunch of credentials and probably did his fair share of standing by a photocopier.

But he is feeling a little drained from that, a bit like an abused black ink toner cartridge.

Cyan, magenta and yellow, you’re next.

Justin would much prefer to stand over a human and transfer healing energy into them.

No offence to photocopiers, you guys still have an important role and you radiate a light so bright we need to put the cover down every time we press your little magic button.


We still need photocopiers.

They are an icon in central business dimensions all around the world.

They have come to represent all that is worthy of reproducing and a place where the real decisions are made.

They are also responsible for a significant amount of office humour.

You know what I’m talking about.

I wonder how many people have injured their behinds from either falling through the glass or suffering a bit of photocopy bum burn?

What changes have you noticed in the Corporate World? Is your CEO acting strange? Like sharing the latest dubstep soundcloud links through company wide emails?

We can only hope.

Imagine coming into work on Monday morning and the CEO calls a meeting in which he or she just wants to share their new found hobby of turntable scratching.

If…. what the new science of belief and quantum physics is saying is a bit true, is it a good idea to hold an image in our imaginations of our CEOs and World Leaders getting down on the dance floor at an open air psytrance festival?

Better yet, an image of them manipulating a couple of Kaos Pads and Nord Synthesizers with total mastery.

And an audience of ten thousand strong suit and tie punters grooving like never before to sounds reminiscent of Acid Techno champion, Chris Liberator.


I can see it now.

United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. Headline Act at the biggest electronic dance music festivals around the world, starting with Boom in Portugal, Ozora in Budapest and Lost Theory in Croatia.

And the crowd going absolutely bio-dynamic bananas.

Now if that’s doesn’t unite the world, I don’t know what will.


What image do you have for your CEO? How would you sell it to them? “Hey… Boss, wanna come to a party?”

Could work?

Yeah right.

Everyone knows CEOs and Corporate leaders must be boring people who like country clubs and Chestfield sofas. They would never be into parties.

Or are they hiding something? What’s their dirty little secret?

What if your boss is really a closet jazz junkie or recently discovered hip hop masters, Tribe Called Quest, and would just love someone like you to share their new found love?

Here’s to wishful thinking.

And photocopiers.







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