Miami Woman shares her inspirational story: A must for women.

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Sometimes you get knocked down.

And it hurts.

How much does it take to get back up?

Again and again? What does it take?

Ever been there before?

Robin Oxford of Miami, USA has and she is still here to tell the tale.

Robin and Samuel
Robin and Samuel

Simply, she had to make up her mind that she wanted life to be good. She accepted her life was not going to just change by itself. She had to believe and focus on the light of a better life.

Domestic violence.

Robin believed her way out of it toward better days.

The details are in the podcast, so have a listen.

The highlight for me during the conversation with Robin, was how positive she was to hang out with.

Everyone  needs a positive friend from Miami via Skype. Maybe it’s the Miami air?

I know for a fact that a lot of good house music comes out of Miami, so Robin just adds that heaps more sunshine to people’s day.

I guess it’s no surprise that positive people seem to be born out of less than thrilling life situations.

It’s happens a lot on this planet, doesn’t it.

Do you know someone who lived through hell and came out super positive?

How good are humans!

Some of us have demonstrated that we can turn life around from bad to good. It’s not totally uncommon.

Do you think today in 2014 more and more people seem to be coming out of their mud pile of a life and phoenix flaming it? From another perspective, is the planet doing something quite nifty right now?

A global and individual conscious shift is pretty much it.

However, there are clearly many people who seem to be living under a rock.

More compassion and less rocks.

But I’m trusting the author of the cosmos won’t let it be a bad movie ending.

I think the plot is just thickening. Robin is an author and so are you. Of the cosmos I mean. Ahhhh, metaphorical fairy floss.

What is the one thing that is the switch for people? Not the emergency orgasm button, though many may wish they had one.

The switch that turns things on in a different way… turns things around?

Is the switch called, nothing to lose and everything to gain? What about the, go with the flow, switch? No wait, I know!

It’s the “believe button,” and Robin pressed hers.

Where is your button?

What do you call it?

Here’s a fun visualisation trick: imagine an on and off switch panel in your imagination.

And imagine pressing the on button. Naturally it would turn green.

Then watch and see if your life begins to… alter.

Robin’s blog



2 thoughts on “Miami Woman shares her inspirational story: A must for women.

  1. Visualising pressing the on switch to green would also bring in a huge amount of love because the heart chakra is green… good colour! Not only can you visualise green, but wear it, either under your clothes or on your back, and see how much more love will fuel your day!

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