What do others know about you? And why are they not telling you?

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There is an elephant in my room.

Actually I have a few.

A Ganesha window adhesive I bought at a Psytrance festival in Berlin and a little ceramic Ganesha figurine a child once gave me.

Ganesha is the remover of obstacles.

The Hindu God of Wisdom.

Peter Dhu is not an elephant, but he removes obstacles.

When he speaks to audiences that is.

He has a stutter too.

Do you think that stops him from getting up in front of corporate audiences?

It doesn’t.

At age 15 he decided to stop speaking. Boarding school can do that to a young lad.

At 21 he started speaking again and a stutter was something that followed.

What also followed in Peter’s life was several university degrees which pretty much led him to a nicely paid position as a Microbiologist.

Sam & Peter
Sam & Peter

When he gave his Father’s eulogy, people said he should consider doing more public speaking.

So he did.

I met Peter through the National Speakers Association of Australia in Perth.

He is quite cool in my opinion.

When Peter stands before audiences, he names his elephant in the room.

Elephant’s name: stutter.

Then gets on with the job. A job he loves. Professional Speaking.

What is your elephant in the room? Your vulnerability? Have you, would you, ever declare it?

Peter asked me, ‘what makes you feel vulnerable? Something palatable. Share that.’

For me it was victim consciousness.

And quoting from Jan Spiller’s, Astrology for the Soul, she says of North Node Virgos, of which I am, that my Achilles heel is, ‘that if I don’t have constant, compassionate attention and understanding from others, someone will take advantage of me. But it’s a bottomlessssssssssss pit.’

At some point, and that point was at the end of March this year, I simply went out into the world and started participating.

Why don’t people just tell you what they think is holding you back, especially if they think they know?

I realised my superpower was to serve and promote the success others.

Through trial and erroneous zones.

Mission: ease the fears of those around me.

You must relax.

So, I started this blog and podcast and life has been peachy ever since.

Seriously, I love doing this.

I’m thinking overcoming fear could be my speaking topic, but the way I want to do it.

Like the way I introduced Graham Hancock at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre last Saturday, with an Ak-47 for a heart beat and sahara desert for a mouth.

Are you at a similar point in your life? An edge of ‘about to do something with you life’ but just… not… quite… getting over the line?

We could all take a facebook page out of Peter’s life.

Peter quit his highly paid job six years ago and has been a professional speaker since, with the stutter too, which he admits he never knows will show up.

He’s not fussed by it either.

Do you do something that you feel holds you back? Back from rrrrrrrreally rocking it in life? Or maybe just having a good night’s sleep?

Here are three pieces of wisdom I’ve come to like at 34 years of age which I’d like to share about life:

1. Ready, Fire, Aim

2. Rip into it.


3. Have a crack.

I’ll leave you with this too:

Sometimes people know us better than we do.

Sometimes both us and other people don’t know that awesome part of us either.

The blind spot.

Peter shared with me the Johari Window, a cool quadrant tool for understanding yourself and others.

It’s a process, an approach to discovering those blind spots in our weaknesses and potential and then sharing it.

So, there.

Consider it shared.







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