Instant Confidence Seminar for Women: Coming to Perth Soon!

Confident people are all around us and you are potentially one of them.

Go on, have a look, I bet you have what it takes.

If you don’t look, you may just well continue to live on sloppy sandwich island.

How is the slop anyway?

You want to live on party island, don’t you.

I want you to open up to the possibility that you can be as confident as you like. I want you to walk through your day with your shoulders back and a deep electro house bounce in your step.

I want you to come to the confidence party, we are always looking forward to receiving new guests.

Amy Radunz is on her way to party island.

And she has a boat, with a few seats spare.

Want to get on board?

Amy’s boat has a cool deck, dance floor and a seminar room. You might want to set sail with her.

Amy & Samuel
Amy & Samuel


She’s young and clearly going places.

She’s even been places, like Thailand, where she did some soul searching and started a blog about her passion:

Women who look after themselves.

Do you feel you are called to do something important?

Amy is one of those people who knows what she wants and more importantly, why she is doing it.

Oh don’t worry, I for one have not always been confident. In fact there are times even this week when I was shaking in my boots. It’s a good reminder that we’re human.

Confidence can be instant.

Want a spoon full?

I recently watched Simon Senek on and started reading about his emphasis on “the why.”

Why do people do what they do?

Why do you do what you do?

Have you even considered such a thing?

It’s really quite amazing, the effect I mean, of actually reflecting on your ‘why.’

Rather than work out what you do, then how you do it, start with the why.

The purpose, the passion, your sense of duty.

That ever energising source of power that gives you that spring to get out of bed.

I haven’t been feeling that energised lately, I’ve been coughing and spluttering a lot.

Winter can do that.

Where is an Anthroposophical Doctor when I need one? Lemon compress please.

Is your well-being threatened by the society in which you live? Threatened by your own negative thoughts and emotional experience?

Fortunately people like Amy exist.

And there are plenty more people like her.

Do you want to simply over look and give up such simple opportunities that lie at your fingertips?

Try this little experiment in confidence raising: open a web browser, type ‘confidence stories’ and start reading.

Reflect on your experience.

Here’s some take homes for you:

  1. Go to your favourite clothing shop, one where the service was memorable,  and ask the staff how they became confident and what one thing you could do to increase your own. Tell them you are on your way to a confidence seminar party and need something to wear and an attitude to compliment.
  2. Call on some friends who are confident and get them to share their tips. Confident people are often happy to share the love.
  3. Start thinking of yourself as 1% more confident each day, then 1% more the next and so on. Change and experiment with your walk, your smile, the way your greet people, eye contact.
  4. Write down some ideas of new fun ways to increase your own confidence and most importantly, to raise the confidence of those around you too!

This last one is the gold.

If you intend to raise the well being and confidence of another person, the biological change in you will be noticeable.

Confident people are all around.

You are probably one of them.


Amy’s blog


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