If you lived on a mountain in another country, you’d want to know these local secrets.

Local knowledge of any place is always a good thing.

Without it you could make some serious mistakes.

Imagine the regret, the moments of looking foolish and the royal fuck ups.

The possibilities are endless.

However, it is also fun to go somewhere new without a plan and see what happens.

More possibilities. More royal moments.

Have you ever travelled somewhere different and wished you’d had some prior knowledge of the place?

Or do you have memorable experiences of places you’ve visited and planning had nothing to do with your fun?

Jessie Rae would be a fun travel companion.

She is a Teacher who lives in the clouds… well, on a mountain in Taiwan.

jessie rae

If she leaves the front door open, entire clouds come inside the house.

She says it would wreck fabric covered couches, so she has traditional wooden ones.

She is originally from Indianapolis, USA.

Beside her 3 year old son, she lives for Kefir, is a fermented milk drink made with the poo from its grains.

That originally concerned me.

Someone who drinks grain poo.

But she mows her lawn with a push lawnmower, so she has redeemed herself.

I’m fickle like that, combined with a healthy dose of just plain weird.

Here’s two experiments for you to try.

1. Go somewhere new today. Make no plans about it, just walk out your door and go somewhere.

You may want to go somewhere far away or somewhere within walking distance.

If you live on a mountain like our guest Jessie here, you may want to be a little careful.

That’s my disclaimer.

I love litigation reduction, it’s so health and safety right now.

Now, just go.

Take note of how it feels to go somewhere without purpose, without preparation, without knowledge or where you are going and what you are going to do when you get there.

2. Plan the shit out of a trip. Everything. What you will take, how you will get there, what you will do when you get there. As much of it as possible. The details.

Get a diary, make lists, be uptight and grain poo about it.

Then leave the next day.

Take note of whether you liked the first experiment or the second.

While on your travel experiments, consider your emotional responses.

Would some planning saved you from some horrible outcome?

Or is planning for chickens?

Bok, bok.

Jessie is no chicken, not anymore.

She’s become a little more pioneering in her new home land.


Is it time for you to up and leave?

The couch, I mean. The computer screen too.

Don’t stress, there’s internet on the side of mountains in Taiwan.

That’s local knowledge.

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