Warning: What this Performance Poet can teach you about procrastination may cause you to do something.

Ever been in awe of people who can bust a rhyme or entertain from stage using just their voice?

I’ve been living under a couple of rocks and so I’ve come to the spoken word and slam poetry world a little later than most.

Maybe you have arrived less than punctual too, but we can speak about that at another time.

Your voice is one of your greatest strengths, all you gotta do is use it right.

Not speaking when you ought to may put you in a less favourable position in life. It may alter your destiny in ways you would not like to think about.

Speaking well and at the right time can make you and those around you recognise your flame. Your words can change the world.

Last week I met with Performance Poet, Kate Wilson. She has won awards for her spoken work. She drops a rhyme in the podcast about doing things in life, rather than just sitting on facebook without really connecting with people, it’s cool.

Samuel and Kate
Samuel and Kate

I know what many people may be thinking, I don’t a creative bone in my etheric body and I couldn’t get on stage to save an acupuncture point.

Plus, you may see yourself as someone who freezes like a packet of peas on stage. All green, hard and only good for bumps, bruises, and bee stings.

Look on the bright side, if your audience starts throwing tomatoes, you at least have something to reduce the swelling and a second ingredient for tonight’s dinner.

Kate runs workshops too of which I was lucky enough to attend.

The workshop ran for a full day and was heaps good.

The practical tips and the fun atmosphere made it easy for the participants to get into the writing and the speaking.

Are you a massive procrastinator? Maybe writing or speaking out your thoughts and problem could be the solution?

Kate and I are hopefully going to collaborate on something, maybe a bunch of lyrics and a beat.

Spoken word artist vs. Beatboxer.

Could take off.

If you lack action in your life, try writing down what you want and why you want it.

Tap into those inspirational juices and energy boosts.

Sometimes I wonder about the reason and the emotion behind why I procrastinate and… the punch line to that has way too many cliché memes circulating on facebook for me to finish it.

Need the punch line? Spend more time on facebook and don’t worry your little socks about action or committing.

Perhaps the trick is to write and speak it aloud and see how it feels and sounds.

Maybe this will open up the will to get going?

For the die hard procrastinators… keep it up. Such commitment.

For the creative word magicians, here’s Kate’s website:


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