Has this mother found the best school for her children?

Changing the concept you have of children could significantly change them.

It’s really new way of seeing your child.

A new mindset that starts with you.

A refocusing that causes the child to grow and develop in a different way.

Hopefully towards a positive outcome. So get out your dictionaries and turn to the page where is says child. Or type ‘child’ into your preferred digital interface.

What did you find?

Did you know a child is a relatively new concept?

Created to support the industrial revolution.

These little angels have been considered mostly weak, inexperienced and in need of adult help for most things.

As an educator, I would have to agree… sometimes.

However, several case studies have highlighted that the way you treat and talk to a child can define how they think about themselves.

This shapes the child’s life quite a lot. From happiness, friendships, occupations and  a whole lot more.

Makes sense really.

Lynn Wallace is a mother of two such angels.

Lynn lives in Indiapolis, USA where she is involved with a local Waldorf kindergarten group.

A mother of a growing number of other mums who are considering their child’s education with a little of their own conscious thinking.

Lynn also makes dolls inspired from Rudolf Steiner’s indications.

Here she is chatting with me over Skype this week, doll in hand.

Lynn and Samuel
Lynn and Samuel

If you know nothing about Dr. Steiner, all I’m going to say is that his written works have created some of the world’s most amazing movements from education, medicine, banking, bio-dynamic farming, drama and the arts, and spiritual science.

His book, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and It’s Attainment continues to shape and inspire my spirituality framework more than any other.

Spiritual science aside, Rudolf Steiner Schools (or Waldorf Education) are founded upon a deep spiritual philosophy and love of children. Definitely worth a school tour if one is in your area.

For parents there are many education choices available. I would encourage you to check out Reggio Emilia inspired schools, Forest Schools, Maharashi consciousness-based schools, Montessori and the Green School in Bali just for starters.

With all these choices, how do you make the right one?

You’ll have to go with what feels right for you.

So many people I am meeting now are getting into personal development in a big way and that’s cool.

Unique strengths, talents and passions are emerging in our communities.

More power to that.

Are you considering making some changes in your life? Be it some meaningful craft hobby or something as important as re-evaluating the school that suits your child?

There are lots of options for those who seek.

And as much as what you think about your child changes the child, the same goes for you.

How you think and feel about yourself changes you too.

The words you speak.

The thoughts you tell yourself about yourself.

The emotions you experience.

Much like choosing an education for your child, you have the power to choose the mindset that defines who you are too.

Which one will you choose?

I encourage spending that little extra more and getting the super dooper mindset.

One with a lifetime renewable feature.

Here’s Lynn’s blog:


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