Survivalist and Business Expert reveals his secrets: Chuck Norris has nothing on this guy.


Believing in a bigger picture of yourself will put you on larger playing field of possibilities.

It may be all you have in some situations.

Self-belief is where the party is and the fridge is always full with your favourite poison.

Becoming aware of your everyday behaviours, particularly the one that you act out when facing that problem of yours, will set you free from the stuck-ness that has become your life.

Awareness is a survival skill and sometimes all you have is yourself to rely upon.


*movie voice over*


Starring you!

In cinemas since forever.

Survivalist and Business Expert, Mike House knows what I’m talking about.

He takes people into remote and environmentally challenging areas to learn the mindset and skills of the survivalist. That’s what his website says anyway and I trust websites.

Mike House
Mike House

So let’s take stock.

Are you prepared?

Wearing your thick socks and thermals?

Maybe it’s time for a costume change. From the specialised victim role you’ve been playing oh so very well on the stage of life and into the costume of a hero.

Nominate yourself for an award.

Best screen drama victim.

Now, reflect on why you keep doing the same thing every time. Why do humans choose the victim role over the hero?

It should be obvious.

Mike says change is easy and appealing when the conditions are right.

So, shouldn’t the world be rocketing along with people who are happy to change in the face of their problems?

Are you rockin’ it?

We often know what the logical solution is to our  problems, so why don’t we make this change?

It’s not our fault, it is our choice.

Sometimes we need to run flat out at the brick wall to get the lesson, so side step and strafe like a hero would.

We are not faking it till we make it, we are making it and it starts with your belief of what is possible.

Embracing a bigger belief of what is possible will place you on the front line of the battlefield, but you’ll be wearing one of those energy shields that you can pick up somewhere on a Halo map.

WOOOOOOOOOP. That’s your energy shield charging up.

Plus, you’ll have an awesome sounding rapid firing laser gun and something resembling a light sabre with teeth.

When an actor steps onto the stage, their task is to play their role well enough that the audience forgets that they are watching a show.

A good actor convinces themselves that they are the character.

Life is very similar.

Have you convinced yourself that you really are your character and the script and the stage is real life?

Have you forgotten that the audience is even there?

Did you realise that the stage has entrances and exits, and you can make costume changes in the green room?

If you were to go off stage for a moment and could change costume and pick up some new props, what character would you really want to play as you entered the stage again?

I’d want to play Chuck Norris or MacGyver.

Search for Chuck Norris memes, your life will never be the same again.


Seriously, I once saw a full page spread advert in a martial arts magazine of Chuck Norris approved denim jeans.

Made for those deadly high kicks.

Sure to enhance self-belief as well.

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