This man is now a woman, in fact, she has always been that way.

Episode 30.

I want you to change your belief about what it means to be human.

Because a human can change into anything at any point from birth to death and most likely, beyond.

I’m not asking for a massive change, just a small one.

It will also involve a change in some of your attitudes and behaviours too, but again, only slight.

Little changes from the inside that will create massive changes to society.

Are you willing to come along on this journey?

What is at stake if you do?

Not sure, that’s up to you.

What is at stake if you don’t?

You might be left behind in the transformation of the human race. Your boring old definition of a human may suddenly become very unfashionable and even considered an act against the state? What a progressive world that would be.

I think I can read your mind.

You’re probably thinking, “but I’m quite happy with my definition of a human as it is, thank you very much.”

I suppose I can take what I want for you, especially my “only slight” changes to your beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and stick them somewhere useful, much like a piece of blu-tac on the back of a wall poster.

Still, you may miss out on one of the greatest shows in human evolution since we became bored of swimming. You could even be a participant rather than just a spectator.

Sydney based, JoAnna Ferrari is a participant in this great show.

She has even made a slight change.

A change in consciousness.

JoAnna and Samuel
JoAnna and Samuel

No point ignoring Ganesha in the room, but JoAnna has had some more changes on the outside.

She used to be a he, anatomically speaking.

JoAnna says her body now is only a reflection of what was always in her heart.

Who is anyone to say otherwise?

When she told her parents and sisters, they pretty much responded with, “we always knew you were a girl.”

Moving right along, I suppose.

The project is going well.

JoAnna is doing just fine too.

I have been watching the new series of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos lately and considering evolution of the universe and humans, it’s really awesome.

Walking talking beatboxing humans have existed for the equivalent of about a blink of an eye in comparison to the whole of existence.

It was not so long ago that people started mapping DNA and playing around. For me it is no surprise that perfectly honest and hardworking people like JoAnna are willing and able to splice themselves as they desire.

Splice is a word I got from David Zindell’s epic science fiction novel series, A Requiem for a Homo Sapiens, where humans could very easily change all matter of things about their biological and psychological make-up.

I don’t mean to be derogatory with that word, by all means I mean the opposite. I’m just a sci-fi fan.

More power to people who lead humanity into cool new places, especially with consciousness and the body.

This may be taking body art to a whole new level.

It could also just be the heartfelt desires of a human to be true to themselves?

I suspect that in years to come the whole transgender, gay, lesbian, straight and more wonderful celebrations of what it means to be human will be replaced with something else.

You want to be a robot? Probably not far off that, Donna Haraway is a good start.

Want to upload your consciousness to the internet, talk to Ray Kurzweil.

Want to live in space as a star? Richard Branson is most likely to make that available this financial year.

Carl Sagan says we are all made of star stuff, and JoAnna, you’re showing us how to be our own stars.

And for everyone else, the change I’m referring to is your definition of the kind of human you want to be.

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