Specialist tells woman with Connective Tissue Disorder (CREST) she has three years to live. She is still alive and laughing fourteen years later.

It’s time for you to adopt a new belief about yourself.

I’ll break it to you with as much empathy as I can.

I want you to try this new belief on like a hat in a shop that you fancy. You don’t have to buy it yet, just try it on.

See how it fits.

It might make you look younger, more attractive to your preferred sex.

It might even extend your life span.

To try this hat of belief on, you have say it aloud with me, here we go;

“I make miracles happen.”

Did you say it aloud?

Go on, say it. Try it out. It’s just a hat remember.

How does it feel when you say it? Do you immediately scoff at the thought or do you notice something a little different?

It’s amazing how well we humans can play a victim role and refuse to choose happiness and refuse to give ourselves a break. A break along the lines of, you mean life doesn’t just happen to me, but I happen to it?

What would that mean?

It would mean you’ve arrived smack bang in the centre of the Enchanted Forest of Your Awesome New Life.

Do you notice that feeling when you say it?


That little feeling that says, holy Snickers bars, I do create miracles.

Musician, Nahko sings one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard called Medicine for the People. Do yourself a favour and listen closely to the words in that song. Shout out to Punchello.

This week I met with Angel Kimmy in Fremantle, Western Australia.

A woman whose presence arrives at the party before she does.

Kimmy and Samuel
Kimmy and Samuel

In the year 2000, Kimmy was told by a specialist doctor that she had three years to live.


Fourteen years later, Kimmy is alive and rocking. In fact she is probably the most happiest person I know. She also loves psytrance.

And she laughs a lot. A hearty laugh.

So much so that she runs Laughter Yoga workshops in Australia and Rwanda, just to get all the laughing out of her system.

But she just can’t stop. There is just way too much of it in her.

Kimmy has facilitated Laughter Yoga before an audience of 12000 people at Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Massive respect.

She also travels to Rwanda each year and works with the families of genocide victims.

Without a shadow of a doubt or ego, Kimmy is living a life that is equivalent to about 20 people.

Her latest project is a workshop in which she facilitates the integrating of the ego.

Her best advice, give your inner child a medal.

A medal for being such a bloody good cry baby.

And another imaginary talisman, a beauty queen sashes for her inner teenager.

Integrate and allow the inner parts of your ego to come and stand next to you, all through visualisation and verbalising the hidden hurts and pains from your own past.

Make friends with yourself again.

Make a wish for your happiness, world peace and more laughter in your life.

You do create miracles.

Kimmy is one of many people in the world who have proved it.

The best piece of wisdom I got from Kimmy was, you don’t have to wish for a life threatening disease in order to realise that you can wish for your own happiness in the first place.

What are you going to wish for?


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8 thoughts on “Specialist tells woman with Connective Tissue Disorder (CREST) she has three years to live. She is still alive and laughing fourteen years later.

  1. Kimmy is my facebook friend. I have never met her. My sister Teddy Kayitesi introduced me to her. She said, I have a friend, her name is Kimmy, I just love how happy she is and how she makes me feel when I had a chance to meet her. Right away, I requested her to be my friend. I have never spoken to this lovely lady, but everytime I visit her page, go through her posts or photos. I leave happy. what a happy soul! I can feel it even million miles away. Thank you for being a friend to my little sister and thank you for being my facebook friend too. Keep sprading the Joy. Hugs.

      1. Thanks for the invite..next time you happen to be in my city, i would definitely join you. keep spreading love through laughter.

      2. Thanks CoffeebeatBoxer, I live far away..i hope to meet her next time i visit Rwanda. Hope she will be there.

    1. Hi Alie I love you and your gorgeous sister so much.Im very glad I give you times of joy and happiness and hope we meet next time Im in Rwanda.Ndagakunda cyane cyane xxx Life,Love and Laughter to you Kimmy

      1. Kimmylicious…you are a joy 🙂 You have touched so many souls in Rwanda. With just a simple act.. I will be honored to someday meet and attend your class with Teddy.

  2. Hey that’s my Aunty Kimmy she’s pretty amazing and has always been someone I think of when I feel low…. I really wish we lived closer so we could keep in touch more love you xoxo

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