Is this Perth’s first holistic hair salon?

Enlightenment while getting your hair cut?

In Perth?

Now achievable.

Head over to Chilli Couture and get your hair sexed up with Rachel Walker, savvy, sexy salon owner with a conscious kick.

Samuel and Rachel @ Veggie Mama, Mount Lawley
Samuel and Rachel @ Veggie Mama, Mount Lawley


I mean seriously, when was the last time you came out of your regular hair salon feeling like buddha or kwan yin?

No longer do you just go for a snip and style, now you can get a neurological massage and rewire.

Starting price? Does it matter?

You should feel ashamed if you only get a haircut and deny yourself the opportunity of entering the realm of cosmic consciousness for just that little bit more.

I know when I go to my local salon and get my normal $19.50 short back and sexy sides, it will be a miracle if the conversation with the stylist is anything above what they have watched on TV the previous evening.

I demand my stylist is up to fricken date with what is going down on planet Earth both politically, eco-intellectually and gender alchemically.

Making an appointment with Rachel’s team may be something equivalent to visiting whatever is Mecca for you.

Rachel has the power to convince you to start eating Vegan.

She will set off chain reactions in your mind.

I am all for raw food diets.

The only problem, vegetables just don’t make me feel full. So if you got the solution to that, roll it passed me in the comments section below.

A short plug needs to be made for Veggie Mama’s, Mount Lawley. Holy fucking fucking. This place was just what I needed after a day at work.

Try the cocao slice.




While I’m at it, shout out to Tom Jarvis, friend, Killar DJ and salon sharp shooter who intro’d me to Miss Walker.

I invite you to listen to the conversation if you haven’t already. It’s available at the top of this article. Rachel is a gem and is changing the facial of what it means to be a hair salon owner and employer.

She coaches her staff across the board.

This is a theme I’ve noticed while running this project. From Sydney to Perth, business is changing.

Exec’s, biz owners and ground crew are stepping up and actually giving a shit about their staff and clients in a way that can only be labelled as conscious and kind.

A consciousness shift is taking place on this planet and it is plain to see.

From the food movement to the boutique image industry, people are unfolding like commercially hydroponic orchard garden.


Any one you want.

Once again, the conclusion I have for you…

It’s totally your choice what happens next.



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