Does travel change your destiny?

Sometimes on planet Earth, miracles happen.

Big ones.

In fact, it’s more than sometimes, it’s pretty much every day if you are looking right.

And your life takes a significant turn.

Personally, I blame my imagination.

It’s always coming up with new adventures to go on, strange places to visit, especially jungles on mountainsides.

In Taiwan.

Not so far away, in another spiritual landscape, every day people accept the call to adventure.

When Brendon Dhu was travelling through Cambodia, his destiny changed.

Brendon is co-founder of Samaky Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation with a vision for improving living conditions for the local community.

brendon dhu
Brendon and Sam

He performs gods work in a small settlement just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The foundation also runs supplementary English lessons and sewing workshops for locals, twelve hours a day.

Brendon has just completed an undergraduate thesis (honours) which compliments his foundation’s work.

It’s been running for a couple of years and started on a shoestring and the power of human endeavour.

Damn travelling.

Will do it to you every time.

Change your destiny I mean.

Samaky means working together.

Brendon and his partner, Jessica and a handful of quality locals work together and are creating miracles in a practical way.

There have been days where they wanted to throw the towel in, but they have stuck at it.

What have you been trying to achieve?

Do you have days where you just want to give up?

Yet, something within you just keeps you going.

Us humans are a fairly resilient bunch.

Take the most challenging situation of your life, it could even be the one you are living in right now.

What would it take to rise above it and get to the place you’d rather be?

Still having trouble? I know the feeling.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner, in his Philosophy of Freedom,  has a solution which you might want to consider.

Let your imagination inspire your deeds.

Joseph Campbell also gives a hint in his, Hero With A 1000 Faces when he says, “Do without attachment, the work you need to do.”

And, like Brendon, get on the ground where it matters and be practical about creating a few smiles.

By the way, if your life feels a little stuck right now, get outside and go somewhere new.

It changed my destiny and I believe it could change yours too.



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