What this Australian couple are doing with their toddler may shock or inspire you.

Rob and Roh are travelling the world with their baby, Gypsy.

Roh, Rob and Gypsy
Roh, Rob and Gypsy

Currently they are living in an Ashram in Nashik, India. Here’s the link:  http://www.yogapoint.com/

They have made a couple of blogs you may want to check out.

In one of them they take a photo of Gypsy each day.


They also document their travels at http://www.thetraveljunkies.com/

Could you travel the world with your children?

What kind of feelings and reactions are you having towards Rob and Roh’s lifestyle choices?

Do you think that travelling with a baby is wrong?

Do you feel that they are bad parents?

Personally, I say more power to them.

What a great experience for the whole family. Beats what most people call life.

What do you reactions say about your values and beliefs?

Did you choose those beliefs consciously or are they culturally programmed into you?

In 1971 a neuroscientist, Benjamin Libit conducted experiments on some willing people regarding decision making.

Libit made some brain scans and found that the same part of the brain involved with decision making was firing off before the test subject thought they were making the decision.

He concluded that we make the majority of our decisions unconsciously.

This puts into question our free will. Are we determined by some unconscious programming, cultural upbringing or animal instincts?

How do you know your decisions, beliefs and values have been chosen by you?

When was the last time you did an audit and virus scan of your sub-conscious mind? Perhaps even a defragging and uncluttering of the out-dated beliefs and attitudes?

Maybe there are some deeply ingrained thoughts in your mind that are holding your back from happiness, but your unconscious mind is so good at hiding the programs that you cannot even detect a good thought pattern from one that is not so useful any more?

Have Rob and Roh even made conscious decisions to go travelling as a family?

I guess, for them, it doesn’t really matter because they come across as free thinking, good hearted people who have one hell of an adventurous spirit and that’s pretty cool.



2 thoughts on “What this Australian couple are doing with their toddler may shock or inspire you.

  1. It was an inspiration to meet this family! Good luck with the rest of your travels and hopefully we will meet again somewhere in the world x

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