You thought this would never happen in Perth, but it has.

It happened while you were simply minding your own Sunday business just this very afternoon.

Are you ready?


Here it is.

Three people…

In Perth, Leederville to be exacta mondo.

Met for the first time and didn’t once look at their smart phones…

In over 30 minutes!

I know, I know.

I can’t believe it either and I was one of those people.

Here is a photo of the culprits:

Calvin, Samwise & Lawruhn
Calvin, Samwise & Lawruhn

Be on the fricken lookout for more people just like us. We are dangerous to consensual reality.

What do I mean by that?

People who actually still find joy in face-to-face socialising.

We need to do something about this before it gets out of hand.

You can start by complaining.

Fill out a form, any form.

Can’t find a form, search online for one.

Can’t find one online?

Make one.

These three people had the audacity to have… to have…

I almost can’t even say it, it’s almost a bad word in this town.

…to have… a real conversation.

About interesting stuff.

Like hip hop and freestyling jamming events in Perth, called First Drop.

Fortunately, there is a blue line underneath the following sentence and clicking it will ease some of the shock.

Culprit number one is Lawruhn Vigus.

I don’t even know if that’s her real name.

You can never tell these days.

But she came across all happy, bubbly and polite.

I sensed something was not right from the start.

She had ideas and laughed. She was even positive about life.

It was really unnerving.

Victim consciousness and other useless baggage is being dropped and left behind and Lawruhn is promoting heroes.

And the heroine.

Not the drug.

It’s the way you write hero when talking about a chick.

I know it’s a fact because I looked online.

The mafia looking fella in the photo is Calvin.

Didn’t catch his last name, but he is a freestyler.

Meaning he thinks and speaks from the heart.

Lawruhn and Calvin had been having a chat on Oxford Street just before Lawruhn and I met, and Calvin was still nearby so I asked him to join us for episode 36.

Lawruhn was introduced to me by the very first guest on Coffee With a Beatboxer, Kat Green, back in March.

Today was very similar to that first episode.

On both occasions, a syncronistic interdimensional portal of coolness opened at the intersection of Oxford and Newcastle Street, Leederville.

Friends made connections in record time.

Consciousness was raised at least a few more centimetres.

I started to think maybe I had something to do with it.

But that’s absurb, we don’t create miracles and said portals of coolness…

…do we?







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