Award winning speaker shares her 3 steps to becoming a leader.


Put the cake and coffee down for a moment.

I want you to…

Feel inspired to tap into your inner leader and support your tribe.

Do what?

To who?

When you get home tonight, or even on the way to wherever you’re going right now…

I thoroughly recommend a little meditation.

A little shut eye and shut up.

Because this is the best way to still the washing machine that is your mind.

Our mind. Our time.

Consider what is important to you.

Brain research somewhere probably suggests that giving yourself time to understand what is important to you is heaps good.

In some parts of the space-time continuum it’s called nurturing yourself and dammit, we all need a little more of that.

Margo Halbert and I met at Greens and Co in Leederville a few weeks ago for pretty good coffee.

Although I was recently challenged on whether G&C actually makes good coffee.


Actually, it’s only just a little better than the brown-drink-excuse-for-coffee that gets given to me around this town.

However, there are places and people that do make killa things to make up for it.

Enter Margo Halbert.

An Award Winning Keynote Speaker, Coach and Workshop Facilitator.

She makes Leaders.

Good ones.

Margo and Samuel
Margo and Samuel

Margo says she is getting into Yoga Teacher training.

Loves chanting and supporting her tribe.

We shared ideas on what was important to us and how vital it is that people take the time to reflect on it themselves.

Why not?

Apparently it can make you a leader.

How do you support the inner leader within? How do you bring out the best in you and share it with those you want to hang out with?

Margo’s 3 steps are simple:

  1. Create your own Vision board.
  2. Take time to meditate and think about what’s important to you.
  3. Hang around with mentors.

That’s why I’m hanging out with people like you, Margo.


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