This woman healed her breast cancer, diabetes and viruses. Find out her secret here.

Speaking your story to others is healing.

Consider the little neurons in your brain firing off the electro-chemical code structures of a healing story.

The more you tell your story to yourself and others, the more you replay the chemicals that bring about the same brain activity when you experienced the story.

Perhaps Doctors should become good story tellers and writers. Help their patients release healing chemicals into the body instead of taking pills?

How far could we take this idea?

What story do you tell others?

What chemicals are you releasing when you tell it?

What stories do people tell you?

Interpreting stories and recreating their meaning leads to brain rewiring.

Crystal Howrie, had breast cancer, diabetes and a handful of viruses.


Needless to say, shit got real and she did something about it.

She told herself a new story.

A story in which she is thankful for her past.

In fact, re framing her past, telling her story in a new light, is probably key to the secret of self-healing through storytelling.

You could even have one of those noises that children’s books make when it’s time to turn the page.

At the sound of the ‘ding-a-ling,’ please change your neural network.

In fact you could use sound triggers to snap yourself out of how you don’t want to tell your story (i.e. think about yourself and your life).


Are you able to say thank you for your illness, your injury or your circumstances?

Do you feel it’s time to get out there and do what you love?

Crystal feel’s it’s time.

Now she wants to help more woman to heal.


Crystal has created Sanctuary Travel.

A niche travel agency and healing centre based in Perth, Western Australia.

Her secret starts with admitting where you are at.

What do you need to admit to yourself?

Here’s what Crystal says you ought to do to get things started:

  1. Ask for help.
  2. Put yourself first.
  3. Learn to say no.

She also says that it would have been great if someone could have showed her what life would have looked like once she was through the difficult time.

That would be good.

Telling her story is also a vital key to further the healing.

What’s your story? Do you feel it’s time to share it? For your own healing and others?

Crystal spent a lot of money trying to survive while she was ill.

She really found the works of Dr. John D Martini to be a game changer.

Try not having an empowering conversation with Crystal about D. Martini wisdom.

It rocks.

Check out his way of figuring out your soul values. Very useful.

So Crystal, any last words for today?

Crystal is a smarty pants, she’s learnt one the best pieces of timeless wisdom and is now actually applying it:

Take your own advice.


Stay tuned for








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