Want a travel lifestyle with a difference? This Australian couple are doing it and can show you how.


Mike and Jane Pelusey are Magical Helpers on an enchanted journey.

A bit like Morpheous from the Matrix, minus the pills. They have a different kind of technology to send you down the rabbit hole.

They live in a constant state of curiosity and energy.

If what they had was a pill, it would be called travel mindset.

mike jane sam
Jane, Sam and Mike

We met at Bodhi Tree Cafe, Mount Hawthorn for coffee and quickly found we had a common interest.

Rick and Morty.

I’m kidding.

Our common interest, travelling through space. The space of both the earth and the mind.

By the way, I had just finished meeting with Crystal Howrie across the cafe (last episode) which is about travel and healing.

Jane and Mike have designed their life to include as much travel related stuff as possible. They have not taken the all too common path of having kids and settling in Perth.

They are also members of the National Speakers Association of Australia and give workshops and talks on travel mindset.

They live a life of travel, around the world and within the mind.

It short, they have created a way of looking at the world which makes them see each day as if they are always travelling.

They rock.

You can tell just by hanging out with these cool cats, that they are a genuinely happy couple.

Want a piece of their life?

You can. They run workshops on this gold. Check their website:



What mindset do you see the world through?

What is your definition of a travel lifestyle?

Does travel have to be limited to getting on a plane and going to Bali for a week?

Shake your beliefs up about travel.

Change what you do each day to make yourself feel like you are doing something new.

It’s healthy for you too.

You could simply listen to waves rolling, as sound expert Julian Treasure suggests, to make yourself feel like you are on holiday.

It’s a start and that’s all you really need.

Just start something new.

Mike and Jane say their approach is simple.

They remain flexible regarding planning, even though they do plan and have goals.

Take easy steps in a new direction and see where you end up. Drop the idea that you’ve seen and done it all.

It might be making you boring and less attractive to your preferred sex.

And start hanging out with new people and take some risks. Ask for stuff even if you think it would be impossible to achieve.

You may set yourself up to be proved wrong, which is probably what’s really going on here.

Would you rather stay in your normal life or stand to be proved wrong and cause a little excitement for yourself?

Mike and Jane say, just ask people and see what happens.

If you want something and you know the person you need to talk to, ask them.

Then keep asking more people. Eventually, in months to come, you may look around at your life and be unable to recognise it due to the changes you’ve made.

Here’s Mike and Jane gems:

  1. create a travel mindset
  2. when at home look at everything as if you were still on holiday
  3. on the weekend do something different in your home town

Now if you are up for it, take the travel mindset pill.








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