Perth Feng Shui Consultant shares 3 subtle changes you can make to energise your home and office.

Before I met Sharon Brown I knew next to nothing about Feng Shui.

sharon brown
Sharon and Samuel

Meeting her at the Fig cafe in Scarborough was a little like visiting the Jedi Council on Coruscant, the most important Administrative planet in the Star Wars galaxy.

If Sharon was a Jedi, would she be Yoda or Samuel L. Jackson?

I’m leaning towards Jackson, mostly because he was the only Jedi with a purple saber. I think. Check it out next time you watch the new trilogy.

Have you ever had weird stuff come your way, treated it like an experiment to see if it had any truth to it? Only to find that it did?

Did it make you go, whoa?

Feng Shui made me go whoa.

Feng Shui has something to it, that’s my opinion which I’ve formed after some experimenting.

All I can say is, check it out and see for yourself. Cause it worked some magic for me.

Now, I must say, I tried what Sharon suggested, I made a few changes in my home/office and by gingoes, some cool things have come to be.

Such as…

I removed all blue things from my bedroom/office because blue ain’t good for home based business prosperity.

Blue things, who would’ve thought?

Feeling the doubt?

I did too, but just give it a go.

I had heaps of blue things in my room, it wasn’t that bad.

It’s now got a slightly gold dominant feel.

My flat mates and another mate who was just visiting that afternoon, became Feng Shui consultants for me.

I simply told them I was experimenting with Feng Shui and well… you think you know your friends.

Instant Feng Shui Masters all of them.

We moved my bed to the window, the desk to the side and it feels good. I never thought to change the way I design my room like that.

My suspected theory is that blue is a symbol for the unconscious or even the chakras (energy of the body) which, when seen in the office, create a particular physiological state, mood and performance.

i.e. Making you feel, think and do things differently.

So removing blue, makes subtle changes to the chemicals in the human body and mind.

I think it’s just so subtle that we don’t notice straight away.

Nonetheless, I’m saying it’s effective.

It’s as good as that complimentary wine at your favourite bar.


Which is always a good thing.

Sharon also runs workshops on creating Vision Boards.

You should make one.

Take an A3 or A2 sheet of coloured card.

Photos with you in the photo doing things you like are better than magazine photos with other people in them.

Unless you want to look like George Clooney or Scarlet Johanson.

Which I totally get and you should keep up with that.

No seriously, more power to you.

Imagine yourself looking like George or Scarlet.

What an admirable example of human endevour in the name of DNA shapeshifting methods.

If we are to beat the Reptilians, we should at least be able to look like George and Scarlett while we’re at it.


Photos and drawings and words.

A poster that you look at each day on your wall.

Art and craft hour people. Snap to it.

You’ll want scissors, glue and wine.

If you don’t have these things, improvise.

Try a bread knife, toothpaste and cognac.


Write the date in the middle as the date you want all this to be a matter of fact.

Global Palace of Feng Shui.


A little on the epic side of things and frankly, we need more epic things.

Sharon’s shares her wisdom through her workshops, seminars, consultations, branding analysis, product creation and professional speaking.


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