A quick quiz from international coach: How resilient are you?


Shall we do the scale of 1 to 10 thing?

Where 1 is low and 10 is high.

Maybe we could draw a pie chart?

It would at least appease the visual-kinaesthetic learners.

Actually, let’s not do a quiz.

It’s almost considered hashtag awkward to do a quiz on a blog these days. Too much thinking required. Oh, a text msg.


Fortunately, for the sake of human consciousness evolution…

Julie Warburton makes people think, about resilience.

Julie Warburton

Alright a quiz, but only a multiple choice.

Who has the most resilience?

A) Rambo

B) MacGyver

C) Chuck Norris


D) Scrat from Pixar’s Ice Age.

The little creature who did what ever it took to get an acorn.

That’s the kind of resilience we want on the face of this planet.

The Julie Showbag contains these words of wisdom:

  1. choose happiness and how you want to see your life
  2. ask yourself: how aware am I?
  3. mindfulness is something you should seriously be all over like white on rice

We met at Secret Garden in South Perth this week.

A garden cafe which resembles something more like an enchanted forest with coffee and cake sprouting out of the ground.


Our conversation was just like that forest floor.


Yep, sprouting.

I know it’s not how people usually refer metaphorically to a conversation, but just suspend your disbelief for a few more lines.

Did you know there is a theory that says life all over the universe was seeded by mushroom spores who hitched rides on meteors and maybe even spaceships?


It’s called Panspermia

It’s almost as cool as Ip Man 1 and 2, who is probably in the top 10 most resilient guys of all time category.


Ip Man was Bruce Lee’s teacher.

Ip Man followed a martial art style, Wing Chung, which was eventually chosen as the martial art to teach to the Chinese Army.

What made the martial art so effective was that it is based on blocking a strike and striking back at the same time.

Followed by a dozen short, fast and deadly punches in nice and close to the opponent.

Wing Chung is the name of the woman who invented the style a long time ago.

What made Wing Chung last so long and eventually be considered one of the most popular styles of martial arts?

It’s ability to do away with traditional rules perhaps?

The ability to flow with any situation?

Maybe resilience has more to do with re-inventing rules, especially when the tried and tested ones are having a registered financial year off.

When you can navigate yours life by bending to the tides of change, you would be practising resilience.

Ultimately, Julie reminds us to stop and listen to what is going on around you and build resilience from within.

Go be resilient for a change.





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