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What have you learned from talking to strangers?

What have you learned about yourself while talking to strangers?

Kerrie Phipps wants you to connect with new people every day and share things.

Here’s her, “how you doin’,” pose.



Kerrie has written us a book titled, “Do talk to strangers.”

This quest of hers started because she didn’t feel confident about herself.

So she stopped all that.

And decided to feel confident instead: by talking to strangers.

Kerrie says confidence comes from connecting with new people in an easy and genuine manner.

Talking to strangers opens doors. It’s like the movie, The Labyrinth. The Jim Henson classic. The one with David Bowe in spandex pants.


As Jennifer “Yum-since-the-eighties-like-Molly-from-the-breakfast-club” Connelly runs around the Labyrinth, the walls move, the pavement changes and there are hidden doors everywhere.

“You just ain’t lookin’ right,” says the colourful little worm that helps Sarah at the start of maze.

Go up to that large brown hairy thing of a stranger, who just happens to be named Ludo, and you never know, you might end up battling a bunch of goblins together with the aid of Ludo and his mantra yoga powers to call in some huge rolling rocks.

Talking to strangers open doors.

Does anyone still have David Bowe in spandex stuck in their head?.


Shall we change that?

A great question to ask a stranger is, what music do you play the most on your mp3 player?

Or what is the best decade with the best music?

When I am asked, I comfortably reply, “Tomorrow,” from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the movie Annie.

You think I’m kidding about the new doors and new worlds idea?

What about the Annie soundtrack?

It’s actually one of the best songs to sing at work if you want to get a song stuck in everyone’s head. They’ll love you for it.

I stand as proof.

Both for the door opening slash talk to strangers thing which this article is all about, but also for actually experimenting on my colleagues by singing classic songs from musicals, just to see which song sticks the most.

I told them upfront what I was doing it.

They told me not to do it anymore or at least give them new songs every now and then.

But let’s get back to how talking to strangers can spice things up.

Take this little old blog I’ve slapped together.

In the last 6 months my life has been re-energised and re-invented simply from meeting 40 inspirational people for this blog, by writing about them and the themes that arise.

The opportunities, adventure and friendships.

It’s called creating master-alliances in some star systems of the galaxy.

Imagine if it was 80 or 120 people? I can envision that your life would go through many changes in a short time.

You would find it hard not to be completely refined as a person, simply because you take a little time to get to know the people you bump into.


If you want to change your life, one of the quickest and easiest ways is by meeting new people and getting to know each other.


Talking to strangers, who would have thought, ‘ey?

So get to it.




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