What this Managing Director can teach you about fate will make you feel good.

Monopoly was one of my favourite games as a child.

My two younger sisters and I would play games that lasted several days.

I was often the boot.

I kicked my sister’s butts.


Ahhh, being an older brother has it’s perks.

Monopoly taught me some valuable lessons. Like needing 4 houses to buy a hotel, and that you can get away with all sorts of chicanery right in front of your unsuspecting little sisters who don’t know how to count with big money yet.


That’s what we called paper money. Big money.

Monopoly also presented opportunities to solve such as what to do when the bank ran out of money.

Pencil and paper solved most of the IOU problems.

Eventually when we had played long enough and the money and the power had shifted back and forth, deals made and arguments had, we reached a consensus… ‘do we want to stop now and see who has the most money?’

It got to the point in the end when the game wasn’t about who won, but owning your favourite properties based entirely on their colour.

Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street were my favourite, because they were green. The fact that they were also high priced and brought in a good income was a bonus.

It was truly about the colour.

It was. But say, “it was,” with a bit of a defensive whingey tone to it.


Like this, eeeeett waaaassss.

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a mate I went to high school with, Jarrad Eaton, who is now the Director of Sardelic Real Estate in South Perth.

Samuel and Jarrad
Samuel and Jarrad

Jarrad and I were in Film and TV class in 1995 or thereabouts.

We had to innovate when making our blockbuster movies because it was the days just before the school bought a Mac and Adobe Premier.

Jarrad still had that innovative quality about him, he was doing something very cool and very genuine.

He is also fully aware of the perception people have of Real Estate Agents.

However, care for people and their cottage is what Jarrad is passionate about.

He has even written a book about buying a house, “Sold Faster and for More.”

As Jarrad spoke, it was clearly evident that this guy actually has a heart for the people around him.

He revealed a story of finding his passion, of being their for his family.

He talked of the non-negotiable things in his life, like spending time with his kids.

What is non-negotiable in your life? The things in your life that you absolutely cannot go without.


Jarrad’s story is a deep one.

This week, I met with him a second time.

He has since published a book and a copy sits on my desk.

It’s pocket size, about 70 pages and it’s written clearly and to the point.

“Sold faster and for more.”

It also has tones of Jarrad’s appreciation to those who have supported him along the way.

Sadly, someone very close to him recently passed away from cancer. A great woman who was a mentor and friend to Jarrad.

On the second coffee, Jarrad’s mindset of positivity was still evident, even though he feels a great loss.

However, he believes in fate even more now, because he can see how a long chain of events can bring great things.

Meeting with an old mate from school is like downloading a new upgrade for your perspective on life.

Whom of your old friends would be up for it?






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