Executive Coach shows Leaders how to name the elephant in the room.


Trust me.

It’s there.

That part of your business or your personal life that you are pretending isn’t there.

The thing that is both the obstacle to moving forward and strangely, the solution.

How you going with that?

Akram Sabbagh, is something of an elephant tracker.

Not a hard job really, being that elephants suck at hiding.

What’s more interesting is how humans have accomplished electricity, space flight and the Internet, but still struggle when elephantidae park themselves in the room.


Akram is also is a senior coach with AltusQ.

Elephant Tracker Central Command.

Akram and Samuel
Akram and Samuel

Ak is carrying.

Like what they say in Hollywood Action films, implying a gun.

If Ak’s questions were weapons, they would be something like duel-wielding a couple of Desert Eagle .357’s with laser scopes and, if needed, silencers.

Insert a James Bond silencer sound effect, but twice, in short succession.

Peop! Peop!

Ak emphasised the word ‘framework’ and ‘context’ a bit in our conversation.

I took him to meaning, that it’s important to focus on being specific when asking a question.


and get this…

people don’t always listen to what you’re saying.

I know, I know.


People see the world through a framework and a context which often differs from the person they are endeavouring to communicate with.


By the way, I’ve been watching “Cosmos” lately.

Epic science doco series.

Did you know the earth is spinning at about 1600 km an hour?

That the solar system is flying around the Milky Way centre at about 820,000 km an hour?

And the Milky Way is cruising quite swiftly through the universe too?

My money is on jet packs to make everything move… or hover boards, from Back to the Future II

Akram is Obi Wan Kenobi. He just is alright.

No metaphor or simile this time. Aiming for 1 to 1 metaphor.

Aiming for specifics.

Really valuable hanging out with a Master Jedi Elephant Tracker.

Nothing more generous than someone who makes you aware of how you are seeing the world; encourages you to be clear with what you want.

How do you see the world?What framework do you look through? Domestic-grade CCTV in need of repair or the Hubble Telescope set to over-expose?


Also, the Hubble Telescope has a new friend, the 3200 megapixel, LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) in Chile.

Big T’s my name, and takin’ photos of the entire cosmos is my game.

Astronomers expect that the LSST will show us extensive new data about our universe.

It will lead us to more questions.

Will humanity have the answers? Do we really need more answers?

Leaders don’t need to know all the answers, they have google just like everybody else.

Seriously however, the leader has to know how to bring the answers out of people.

Akram uses a special blend of ingredients to make up the elephant food.

Ingredient 1. Why do you wake up in the morning?

Ingredient 2. Be specific when asking questions.

Ingredient 3. Who are you being around being a leader?

Wishing you a specifically good day.



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