Dissolve your stress and immerse yourself in 8 days of health and wellness in the heart of Ubud.


Here’s the link to what will be the wellness retreat for 2015, especially if you love the idea of going to Ubud, Bali for it.


Here’s your host, a Trained Demartini Facilitator, Donna Preedy.

Donna and Samuel
Donna and Samuel

This is the second time Donna has guest starred on this blog and podcast.

And there’s a good reason for it: she’s pretty cool.

She also has the super ability to allow you see what you really value, what’s really going on in your life.

Let’s be modest and say, the discovery and awareness of your core values, is humbling, then exceptionally liberating.

Donna and I met up at The Windsor in South Perth last week and chatted about the importance of knowing your values and a wellness retreat she is hosting in January.

Wait a second! Your values? What on earth does she mean?


A wellness retreat to discover my values?

Surely we all know our values?

But hang on folks.

You may be just moments from realising, not just a little surprise about yourself, but a big one.

A surprise like when the Rebels were about to attack the Death Star in Return of the Jedi and Lando realised the shield was still up.

That kind.

Fortunately, the Rebel Alliance won and they started their own wellness retreat on the forest moon of Endor.

Ewoks for Life Coaches and C-3PO as the resident Reiki Master.

You should see the line up of people you will have access to on Donna’s retreat.

Imagine you sign up for a retreat with a complimentary session with kinesiology expert, Daarth Vader.

Not to mention 1 on 1 with her for the purpose of really collapsing values that are the thing that’s stopping you from getting on with your epic life and feeling damn good.

James Brown good.

Donna suggests most people don’t really know their core values, they just think they know.

People can think they value happiness, honesty and trust; things like this.

And that’s all good and well, but you could be doing yourself a massive disservice.

Yet after a genuine look at one’s values, we can be quite surprised to find our fuji apple core values are something else altogether.

What we have here is a great opportunity to notice what really brings us meaningful and fulfilling experiences.

What do you mean when you say you want to be happy?


If you want happiness, some Lindt Peppermint Dark Chocolate can give you a fix.

For a little while at least.

But is that really going to sustain your life long term as well as Lindt can sustain the growth of your hips?

Have you been thinking about your life lately?

Nevermind your hips.

More specifically, your happiness and fulfilment levels?

This wellness retreat may be the thing you’ve been looking for?

Here’s an image I bet you won’t mind entertaining in your mind’s eyes this week:

You. Ubud, Bali. And a bullet-point-addict’s dream wellness retreat menu:


  •   8 days/7 nights at a Balinese decor inspired Retreat Center with transfers
  •   Self Discovery program personally facilitated by Donna Preedy to align your mind & body
  •   Daily Breakfast buffet
  •   Body restorative yoga sessions
  •   Daily Culinary Organic Raw lunches
  •   Raw Food Culinary Class ( including lunch )
  •   Daily Fresh coconuts and Nutritional Juices
  •   Complimentary 1 hour Revitalizing Body Scrub or Facial
  •   Soul soothing, Closing Sound Healing evening

How good is that list?

Just roll your eyes over it one more time.

How did that feel?

I know, breathtaking.

You can even have a taster too, a single day workshop with Donna, to see if you would be a good team.

Donna says that what people really want is inspiration and something that lights up our life.

Something that makes our heart sing, the dilation of our pupils and a gooooood release of dopamine in the brain. That kind of something.


This retreat is going to give you just that.

It’s happening on the 10th to the 17th January, 2015.

Wanna go?

Just go over that list a few more times and imagine seeing the highlight of the retreat as if looking through your eyes right now.

Then visit below to book a ticket to wonderland.



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