How to be an effective Chairperson. Timeless wisdom from a Meetings and Governance Jedi Master.


David Price is the Yoda of the Professional Speaker’s World.

If you get the chance to meet him, consider yourself lucky.

Imagine Yoda in a suit and tie.

He enters your workplace and shows you how use the ways of the force…

In meetings.

Samuel and David (Yoda)
Samuel and David (Yoda)

The ways of a meeting are simple.

Sorry, it’s more like…

Simple are the ways of a meeting.

Do you wish your meetings were chaired by a Jedi Master? It could be what’s missing in your corporate culture.


David doesn’t speak like Yoda, he speaks in simple plain English to make you look good from running your meetings well.

But he shares (in the podcast) a few hidden secrets to the ways of the meeting.

Like what’s really going on at work, in meetings and at the coffee machine.

The first thing is that people can’t run a meeting to save their life because they’ve never seen a meeting run well, so they don’t know they are doing an average job of it.

Another being the reality that in many offices, power holders are completely unaware that their decisions are purposely ignored because those decisions are fairly useless.

Decisions that are forced onto staff, rather than made with the experience of everyone at the table taken into consideration.

David has been told more than a few times by some of his clients, “We just do what the boss wants. It’s easier that way.”

Ah, reality.

How many books on professional speaking, meetings and governance are on your bookshelf?


I think David has every book ever published on these topics.

I wish I’d take a photo of his library in his office.

It was about 4 shelves high and spanned the length of a double port garage.

A little epic?

How about this:

David was the past World President of the International Federation of Professional Speakers – the first Australian Jedi Master to hold that position.

He is also the past National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Whereas Yoda has seen 900 years worth of badly directed films thanks to some guy named George Lucas; David has seen a fair bit of the Professional Speaking Galaxy.


On a serious and heartfelt note, David Price has been a great mentor to me for the last eight months as I endeavour to build my own professional speaking business.

He is the lad who suggested I join The National Speakers Association of Australia.

So I did, and it’s revolutionising my life, my business, my network and many of the guests on this blog are members of NSAA.

Basically, if David says go to this workshop or go to this conference, you just go.

Satisfaction is highly likely.

It is a great honour of mine that he agreed to be a guest on this blog…

…and that he let doesn’t mind me calling him Yoda.



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