Permission granted! Specialist gives the all clear to start trusting your inner vision.

Annette Stanton steps deeply inside people.

It feels a bit uncomfortable at first, but she has good metaphorical intentions.

It gets her juices going.

Sounds like a sicko, I know, but it’s not what you think.

She’s actually quite cheerful and loves helping people create a powerful vision.

What get’s your juices going? I use a Panasonic 800 watt Juice Fountain, the one that juices whole apples.


Here’s Annette and myself having a coffee last Friday morning at Kalis, Leederville.

She can speak my language, the inner vision one.


anette staton
Samuel and Annette


Annette is an executive coach and workshop facilitator.

She makes businesses and people work better.

What a kind gal.

We need more people like her in this part of the multiverse.

Annette raises some good talking points on how to get in touch with your vision for a successful life, business or career.

She says recalling your childhood is just one avenue into a source of rich personal wisdom.

What were you naturally inclined to do when you were a child? It’s only a matter of time before academic research links eating dirt and bugs as a kid to fulfilment.


What did you value as a child?

When was the last time you thought about it?

Do you think it would be a waste of time?

That whole, taking time out to reflect on my life shit.

Do yourself a favour and think again.

I valued my sandpit. A never ending etch-a-sketch terrain upon which mighty battles were fought between a limited collection of original Star Wars and Transformer figurines.


Annette would have played in a sand pit, I’m guessing.

She would have been one of those kids who made amazing sand castles at the beach.

With shells and seaweed for decorations just to show off.

Thank goodness, because it’s made her who she is and what she can do for you.

Annette leaves us three pieces of wisdom.

Listen in.

1. Trust the inner vision no matter what.

2. Take action on it and persist, even if you do not see the results.

3. Enjoy the journey and live your values.

Check out her book here:



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