Business Coach shares his secrets for successful business service. But you’re probably not ready to hear it.


When was the last time you asked someone what they really wanted from you?

Be it you are in business or not.

Do you take the time to ask people a few simple (relevant) questions?

About them.

Business Coach, Graham Harvey says most businesses may ask what their clients want, but continue to offer something other than what is exactly wanted.

Graham Harvey cropped

Why would that be?

Is it that we hear what we want to hear?

No, not humans, we would never do that.

Is it that we can’t get over our preciousness and just have to do it our way?

Never mind reality.

Graham speaks a message that is clear and to the point.

Ask people what they want first and then go make the product and service around that.


Graham also recommends businesses take the time every 90 days to work on the business, not in the business.

That is, lifting your head up from the counter and the doing of the busy-ness and check in with the client.

How many clients must be turned away simply because you don’t listen to them?

Isn’t that one of the main reasons to be in business?

To serve?

Clearly not it seems.

It seems people are in business to look like they are in business.

Keep calm and carry on providing shit service.


It will keep people like Graham in business.

He listens.

In fact he has been attempting to convey some sense into the world for donkey’s years.

Are you feeling a little guilty at this point?

For not really listening to your clients.

Imagine how many you have turned away and how many were hot to buy.

You could have easily provided the service, but had corks in your ears that day.


Are you even aware of what your client really wants? That’s the message here.

Graham says invite them around for a beer on a Friday afternoon every 90 days and ask them for more feedback.

How can I make it easier for you to do business with me?

Am I actually giving you what you want?

Here’s a few key messages Graham leaves with us.

  1. What business am I in?
  2. What is the product of your product?
  3. What is the real reason under why your client buys from you?

Did you get all that?

Or are you even listening or just too busy running a business?


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