Want to know what people really think of you? Image Consultant lays her secrets all over the coffee table.


You get up each day.

Hopefully have a shower.

Make yourself look semi presentable for whatever your purposes are.

That’s great.

But do you really know the effect your image has on people?

Not only this, what about the effect you have on how you think about yourself?

Image Consultant, Alba Gomez is an expert when it comes to raising your awareness around your appearance.

Alba says, it’s more than image that you should stand for. You ought to know yourself and your purpose.


That said, she does keep a keen eye over her domain, you’re image.

But it goes deeper than that.

Here we are at Bodhi Tree Cafe in Mount Hawthorn this week; how good do those two yellow statues look!

Samuel and Alba
Samuel and Alba

This Image Consultant has a powerful presence, a bit like a Colombian Drug Lord would, minus the AK-47s… and the drugs.


Why is it that we associate Colombian drug lords with anything or anyone Colombia?

Maybe because that’s our perception?

The power of association comes to mind, but it can be changed.

Alba creates your image so that people create new associations to who you are.

However, she doesn’t deal cocaine, she a deals intelligent design of your appearance. It’s a lot more lethal than you think.

In fact, having no awareness of your appearance can be lethal to your success.

Alba gives you a fresh look, a new perspective of yourself so that other do too.

She makes you aware of how people perceive you.

Do you want to be perceived well or not?

Alba says image starts in your mindset.

Once you know your values, Alba assists you to create a mindset that informs your image and leaves a lasting impression. A good impression.


This new image of you is aligned with who you truly are on a deep level.

It speaks for itself, it speaks to people in a way that is undeniably powerful and authentic.

You should visit her website, girls and guys.

Check out her style questionnaire.

Do you know your style? Is it out of date?

Changing and enhancing the way you look will have massive influence over your professional and personal success.


Alba will even take you shopping for new clothes!

Consider making an appointment.




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