Do you want to have a powerful effect over your audience?

Meet Samuel D. Osborne.

Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker and Author.

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He shows Entrepreneurs and Speakers how to uncover their real message.

Sam’s 2nd book is due for release August 21st, 2017.

His first book was a science fiction novel, “The Parashield” (2004) a novel about a boy who is born with a psychic energy shield and how he comes to grips with it and avoids the bad guys who want to use him.

This new book is called, “Pack a Bigger Punch, 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.”

Its written with the Entrepreneur and Speaker in mind.

The 7 steps are:

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  1. Start with the sound of one thousand hands clapping: my way of saying ‘begin with the end in mind.’
  2. Declare who you are and why you care.
  3. Discover the wisdom in your stories.
  4. Unleash your natural message mojo.
  5. Align with your target audience and their specific problem
  6. Test your real message in the real world.
  7. Evolve the magic in your message.

Uncovering your real message is like a quest for the Holy Grail. You have to enter the dark forest alone right where you find yourself to be. You must seek that which only you can find within.

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The central idea of the book is, “You have a real message within.”

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Ultimately, the book is about how to make your message pack a bigger punch for your audience.

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Case Study # 1 – Joseph Campbell.

Here is a modern day scholar who couldn’t go to college or get a job, so he created his own study program. He read for 8 hours a day for 5 years in a row. He focused on comparative mythology and found the world’s myths all had something in common: The Hero’s Journey. Campbell saw his own life through the mythological perspective as a way to achieve a meaningful life. He came up with the message, ‘follow your bliss.’ He realised each of us has two options in modern life, either we can get a boring old job and work out later what a waste that was, or we can follow our bliss and do what truly brings us joy.

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Case Study # 2 – Carl Jung

Jung had thousands of patients, some were neurotic, some were psychotic. He explored what it was that made a personality whole and balanced. His research into dreams and the unconscious mind lead him to realise that well-adjusted people could benefit from studying their own dreams and inner world. He developed the idea of synchronicity (meaningful coincidences for the person or people involved in an event, or a ‘falling together in time’). He realised our personalities go through a process of ‘individuation’ to achieve self-realization, a wholeness of personality, the awareness of an inner incorruptible value, all which lead to a richer, happier and more meaningful life.

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Case Study # 3 – Rudolf Steiner

At age 40, Steiner was at the height of his academic career and was highly respected in Europe, especially for his work on Goethe’s natural science. Then he resigns from this career to develop and educate people regarding ‘spiritual science.’ Steiner explored the relationship between the spiritual and physical aspects of life, proposing that the two are unified and human spirituality and physicality are equally connected, accessible and contain a vast potential for human growth.

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What connects these three masters is how they went looking for a great treasure within and then shared it with the world. They each left us with powerful wisdom, advice and messages so that we can find our own treasure and share it too.

My own story.

In 2015, I departed my home city in Perth, Western Australia and headed across the Nullabor Plain (an Indigenous Australian word for: place of no tree). With only my car, a tent and some personal belongings, I set off to find my gift, my boon and follow my bliss. I had the intention of living overseas, where exactly, I was not yet sure. Joseph Campbell writes, travelling to a foreign country is like passing over the threshold between the ordinary world into the world of enchantment, where the hero faces his or her Ordeal, has the chance to become transformed and receive a powerful gift.

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After a mere 10 months living in Melbourne, Australia, I had met the love of my life and she found work in Los Angeles, and so I went with her. Again with even less personal possessions and a growing richness and meaning for my life.


The book and my real message.

Now living in L.A. for the last 8 months, I have realised my message. Therefore, I have written this book which contains my formula for uncovering your real message. It is based on a decade of my own research, trial and error, and the wisdom of people I admire. It is with a humble heart and mind that I propose that, “you have a real message within” and you can pack a bigger punch.


The Book Launch Party!

On August 21st, 2017, I will host a book launch party in North Hollywood. Tickets are available for $30. This gets you a copy of the book, networking and drinks. It would be a absolute pleasure to have you attend. Pre-release copies can be bought at my website too. As a gift to those who do buy during the pre-release phase, I am offering a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message” Mentoring Session for free (Value: $97).


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